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Welcome to the SIM-MODULES!

A unique interface (not only) for flight simulators and home cockpits!

Sim-Modules MCP Module for Home Cockpits
This site presents a very flexible and easy-to-use interface solution, that enables the connection of hardware switches, buttons, rotary encoders, LEDs and 7-segment displays to a PC, and use it for flight simulation or any other purpose.

Note: This interface system is NOT (yet) a commercial product! If you are interested in using the SIM-MODULES for your simulator project, please read the FAQ or contact us for more information.

The whole system is connected to the PC via one single USB or RS232 connection and offers the possibility to connect up to:

  • 32 Modules - A maximum of 16 MAIN- and 16 AVIONIC modules can be connected.

  • 2048 Digital Inputs - Up to 64 digital inputs per module, e.g. for toggle switches, buttons, rotary switches or others.

  • 256 Gray-Code Rotary Encoders - Up to 8 per module, offering special features like speed dependency, software inversion and alternate functions.

  • 2048 LED Outputs - Up to 64 per module, multiplexed with software controlled brightness.

  • 384 Seven-Segment LED Displays - Each AVIONIC module can drive up to 24 displays, where the brighness can be controlled via software for each individual module.

  • 128 Custom Spare In-/Outputs - Each MAIN-Module has 8 spare connectors that are directly linked to the microcontroller and can be used for future purposes, e.g. analogue in- or outputs, LC-Displays, RGB LED Control or others.


Here is a list of the most important features of the SIM-MODULES:

  • Plug-and-Play Support - Using the SMCP (SIM-MODULES Control Panel) software, there is no need for any manual configuration to get the system running.

  • Reliable and Efficient Data Communication - The data protocol between the single modules and to the PC is especially designed for a very fast and reliable communication (see this short demonstration video:

  • Upgradeable - The firmware on each module can be upgraded very easily, using the SMCP (SIM-MODULES Control Panel)

  • Easy Power Distribution - Only one power supply (5V) is needed for the whole system; data and power distribution to the single modules is done via a 10 pole ribbon cable (daisy chain)


Key features of the SIM-MODULES Control Panel software:

  • Flexible and Modular Code - The source code is written in C# using Visual Studio 2012 and .NET framework 4.5.

  • Flexible Flight Simulator Interface - Connection to Microsoft's Flight Simulator and Lockhead-Martin's Prepar3D is done via SIMCONNECT or FSUIPC, other simulators can be controlled using virtual keyboard-, mouse- and joystick commands

  • Powerful Action-Macros - Each digital input can trigger two, each rotary encoder up to four powerful macros, consiting of: Direct manipulation of simulator values (via SIMCONNECT or FSUIPC offsets) Simulated keyboard commands (SendKeys) Simulated mouse clicks Simulated joystick inputs (using vJoy) Pauses (useful for complex macros)

  • Easy Configuration - The module configuration is done using a very intuitive grapical user interface, the configuration data is stored in easy-to-read XML files.

  • Multi-Threading Support - The whole software is purely event-based and therefore offers a very good performance

  • Automatic update process - New software versions are automatically downloaded from the server


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