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Transponder / ADF

This Module is a combined Transponder- and ADF-Control Unit, which is very useful for both General Aviation and Airliner-Cockpits.

Transponder (XPNDR)

The left part of the Module is used to set the transponder code ("squawk") as well as the operating mode (Standby or Mode C). Additional buttons are provided to set the SPI-bit in the transmission ("Squawk Ident") or to quickly set a predefined default code, for example when leaving radar controlled airspace.

Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)

The ADF is the on-board equipment for radio navigation using NDBs (Non-Directional Beacons). Similar to the COM/NAV modules, the standby frequency can be tuned and switched with the active frequency using the toggle button. An additional button is available to enable the audio identifier, to check if the correct ground station is received.



SIM-MODULES Printed Circuit Boards PCB
Professionally manufactured PCBs

SIM-MODULES Flight Simulator Interface
Detailed view of the MAIN-Module

SIM-MODULES Radio Stack Prototype
Prototype of a GA Radio Stack 

Readily Assembled AVIONIC-Modules

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